Our Responsibility

Our Responsibility

Responsible Sourcing

The Huws Gray Group is committed to the sourcing of sustainable products. We source our wood products from suppliers that have documented and carefully managed harvesting and re-plantation programmes in place. As a company we hold FSC® Chain of Custody certification (licence code FSC-C005343) and PEFC Chain of Custody certification (licence code PEFC/16-37-1795). We have a commitment to help assure timber supplies and the health of our environment for future generations.

FSC Certificate
PEFC Certificate

Group Environmental Policy

Huws Gray places great importance on its environment and aims to ensure that we play a part in the long-term sustainability of the natural world. Our aim is to;

  • minimize the environmental impact of all our activities,
  • achieve continual improvement in our environmental performance,
  • operate in an environmentally responsible manner and reduce its' impact on our surroundings.
  • reduce our use of natural resources, such as fossil fuels and water, using renewable sources for constituent materials from local businesses where practicable.
  • the prevention and reduction of pollution risks
  • working with our supply chain/suppliers to ensure that we purchase materials from sustainable businesses wherever possible.
  • producing an annual carbon footprint and implementing measures to reduce our carbon emissions, reducing energy consumption in our buildings and fuel in our vehicles.
  • continually reducing the environmental impacts associated with the transport of materials, goods and people.
  • reduce the amount of waste produced and sent to landfill by reusing waste wherever possible and increasing the recycling that takes place in our branch network and through our waste contractors.
  • improve the environmental awareness of our staff and contractors through training courses and awareness campaigns.
  • recognise the impact we have on local communities and other interested parties and minimising any activities that may negatively affect them and consult with them where appropriate.
  • comply with all applicable legislation and any identified good practice
  • comply with the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007
  • use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to carry out our work and communicate with clients and suppliers - thus significantly reducing excessive volumes of paper waste
  • encourage all colleagues to minimise car journeys and use environmentally sustainable
  • transport methods in respect of commuting and business journeys wherever practical
  • to increase our reputation as an environmentally sensitive and responsible organisation amongst our colleagues, partners, clients and the general public in this generation and the next.
  • review our environmental policy on an annual basis in relation to any new organisational practices, changes in legislation and achievement as regards environmental target set.

Responsibilities & Accountablities

Chief Executive Officer & Board of Directors

The Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors will:

  • Demonstrate visible commitment to the Environmental Policy, promoting its aims and objectives
  • Ensure that adequate resources are available to meet the Environmental Policy objectives.
  • Monitor the Policy implementation and company environmental performance.

Regional Managers, Area Managers & Head of Department

  • Lead on environmental issues and help promote responsible attitudes.
  • Ensure that company Policy and standards are effectively implemented.
  • Ensure adequate resources are provided to address environmental risks.

Branch or Site Managers

  • Ensure that recycling is maximised on site.
  • Minimise where possible the use of energy consumption on site.
  • Reduce fuel consumption by effective route planning of deliveries.

All Colleagues

  • Co-operate with management and the HSQ&E department on environmental issues.
  • Report environmental hazards, defects and concerns.

Head of Safety, Health, Environment & Quality

The Head of Safety, Health, Environment & Quality will provide direct support to the Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors of Huws Gray to ensure that the Company operates in a manner which will mimimise the impact of the businesses activities on the environment, setting policies, monitoring and reviewing of activities and ensuring the business complies with all relevant environmental legislation.

They will be responsible and accountable for advising the Company on effective environmental strategies and procedures

The Head of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality will:

  • Develop policies, strategies and standards.
  • Advise, support and guide operational leaders and teams.
  • Monitor performance and use this to drive further improvement.

External Consultants, Specialists and others

Huws Gray will also be supported by external consultants, specialists and various support forums, these include Southall's Associates, Cambridge City Council Primary Authority, BMF Safety & Transport forums and various external fire risk specialists providing;

  • Access to competent environmental advice
  • Updates to legislation and best practice
  • Relevant industry guidance and benchmarking