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Composite Decking and Cladding

Composite Decking and Cladding

Composite Decking and Cladding: Transform Your Outdoor Space With This Timber Alternative

As a trusted timber merchant, The Timber Group offers high-quality composite decking and cladding options for homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, retail customers and trade customers. Our composite products offer an exciting alternative to traditional timber, combining the natural beauty of timber with the durability and low-maintenance benefits of modern materials, to create durable and sustainable outdoor solutions for your home.

What is Composite Decking?

Composite Decking

Composite decking is a versatile and low-maintenance alternative to traditional timber decking. It is made from a blend of recycled plastic and wood fibres, engineered to withstand the elements while maintaining its appearance for years to come. Our composite decking boards are available in a range of colours and finishes, providing endless design possibilities for your outdoor space.

What is Composite Cladding?

Composite Cladding

Composite cladding offers a modern and stylish way to enhance the exterior of your home. Like composite decking, it is crafted from a mixture of recycled plastic and wood, providing the warmth and texture of timber with the added benefits of durability and longevity. Our composite cladding boards are easy to install and require minimal upkeep, making them the ideal choice for both new construction and renovation projects.

The Difference Between Composite and Timber Products

While traditional timber products, such as softwood treated decking and treated softwood cladding, are a popular and affordable option for your outdoor space, these products require a level of maintenance to stop issues such as rotting and insect damage. In contrast, composite decking and composite cladding offer a suitable alternative to timber by using modern technology and durable materials. Engineered to withstand the elements, composite products provide long-lasting performance without the need for extensive maintenance. Composite decking and cladding are made from a unique blend of recycled wood fibres and high-density polyethylene (plastic). This innovative combination offers the best of both worlds: the natural beauty of wood with unmatched durability and reduced maintenance needs. While timber requires regular staining and sealing, composite boasts superior weather resistance and requires minimal upkeep.

Benefits of Using Composite

  • Durability: Composite decking and cladding are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring years of enjoyment with minimal upkeep.
  • Low Maintenance: Our composite products require only occasional cleaning to maintain their appearance, and do not need to be sealed or treated.
  • Sustainability: Composite cladding and decking are made with a mixture of recycled plastics and natural fibres from sustainable forests.
  • Safety: Our composite decking is highly rated for slip resistance and safe to walk on with bare feet, in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Versatility: With a wide range of colours and finishes available, composite decking and cladding offer endless design possibilities to suit any style or preference.

At The Timber Group we take pride in offering premium composite decking and composite cladding solutions that enhance the beauty and value of your home. Visit your local branch or browse our website to explore our range of composite cladding and composite decking products and start transforming your outdoor space today.

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Composite Alternatives

There are a number of alternatives to Composite Decking and Composite Cladding, these include:

If you require more information on which type of decking or cladding would be suitable for your project please contact your local timber merchant branch.

At The Timber Group we have a wide selection of composite decking and composite cladding products available to order online, for delivery and collection. Our Composite Cladding and Composite Decking ranges include: