15mm 2440 x 1220 Hardwood Plywood

Part Number : 03PHP08160

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Hardwood Plywood 15mm 2440x1220mm

Our Hardwood Plywood is made from high quality hardwood veneers. This product is suitable for permanent use in dry, interior conditions, and in non-structural applications. If you require a structural hardwood ply, please see our Structural Hardwood Plywood.

Hardwood Plywood boards are commonly used for general joinery, boxing in, shelving, sheds, garages, signage, huts, and many more.

Hardwood Plywood is sometimes referred to as WBP Plywood or Weather and Boil Proof Plywood, this is an older term connected with hardwood ply. WBP relates to the adhesive used to bond the individual wood veneers together during manufacture. The term WBP has been replaced by more up to date standards and performance classes, which relate to the whole board and not just the adhesive.

Please be aware, if this product is to be used externally then the edges and faces will need to be sealed. This will protect the ply boards from moisture and will prevent deterioration.

As a responsible timber merchant, The Timber Group only supply products which have been sustainably sourced and come with a clear Chain of Custody. Please check the Technical Specification to see the Chain of Custody of this product.

Alternative Products

We also supply Hardwood Plywood sheets in different thicknesses, including:

In addition to Hardwood Plywood, we also supply Softwood Plywood, Marine Plywood, and other Specialist Plywood Panels. All available from our timber merchant branches and online, for delivery and collection.

Technical Specifications

Thickness (mm) 15
Sheet Size (mm) 2440 x 1220
Grade B/BB
Face Eucalyptus or Beech
Glue Line EN314-2 Class 2
Durability EN636-2
British Standard EN13986
Core Poplar
Structural No
Chain of Custody (minimum) FSC 100%
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