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Heated Towel Rails

Stainless Steel Central Heating Towel Rails
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Towel Rail Radiator Valves
Bathroom Accessories
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Xpelair Dx200 Extractor Fans
Xpelair CF20 Extractor Fans
Bathroom Lighting Bathroom Wall Lights
Bathroom Ceiling Lights
Bathroom Shower Lights
Bathroom Shaving Lights
Bathroom Mirrors
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Extending Bathroom Mirrors
Bathroom Mirror Lights
Bath Panels
Contemporary Bath Panels
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Bathroom Furniture
Bathroom Vanity Units
Bathroom Cabinets
Corner Bathroom Cabinets
Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets
Glass Basins
Bathroom Scales
Bath Repairs
Bath Resurfacing
Bathroom Macerators
Saniflo Macerators
Sanisplit Macerators
Commercial Brassware
Commercial Sanitaryware
Special Needs Bathroom

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Shower Accessories
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Shower Trays
Shower Enclosures
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Walk-In Shower Enclosures
Shower Doors & Side Panels
Shower & Steam Cabins
Overbath Shower Screens
Shower Trays
Steam Showers
Shower Curtains
PVC Shower Curtains
Polyester Shower Curtains
Shower Curtain Rails
Shower Curtain Rings
Slip Resistant Mats
Dripguards & Seals
Shower Pumps
Stuart Turner Shower Pumps
Watermill Shower Pumps
Shower Extractor Fans
Special Needs Showering
Commercial Showering
Shower Seats
Kitchen Sinks
Value Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks
Premium Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks
Premium Sythentic Kitchen Sinks
Designer Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks
Belfast Kitchen Sinks
Kitchen Sink Repair Kits
Kitchen Taps
Value Kitchen Taps
Premium Kitchen Taps
Designer Kitchen Taps
Kitchen Water Treatment
Domestic Water Conditioners
Water Softeners
Water Filters
Kitchen Waste Disposal Units
Standard Waste Disposal Units
Heavy Duty Waste Disposal Units

Insinkerator Waste Disposal Units

Kitchen Water Heaters
Hand Dryers
Chilled Drinking Water
Washing Machine Accessories
Tumble Dryer Kits
Central Heating Boilers
Gas Boilers
Oil Boilers
Electric Boilers
Central Heating Water Cylinders
Heatrae Sadia Unvented Cylinders
Central Heating Radiators
Standard Radiators
Aeon Stainless Steel Designer Radiators
Sussex Stainless Steel Designer Radiators
MHS Designer Radiators
Designer Towel Warmers
Radiator Covers and Radiator Cabinets
Radiator Valves
Honeywell Radiator Valves
Danfoss Randall Radiator Valves
Towel Rail Valves
Other Radiator Valves
Thermostatic Radiator Valves
Central Heating Controls
Honeywell Heating Controls
Danfoss Randall Heating Controls
Invensys Heating Controls
Comap Heating Controls
Wall Thermostats
Radiator Valves
Central Heating Pumps
Grundfos Central Heating Pumps
Wilo Central Heating Pumps
Heating System Products
Water Treatment Products
MagnaClean Central Heating Cleaner
Fan Convectors
Automatic Air Vents
Differential By Pass Valves
Pressure Relief Valves
Filling Loops
Expansion Vessels
Sealed System Kits
Immersion Heaters
Immersion Heaters
Underfloor Heating
Plumbing Pipe
Copper Plumbing Pipe
Plastic Plumbing Pipe
Plumbing Fittings
End Feed Fittings
Solder Ring Fittings
Compression Fittings
Chrome Fittings
Hep2O Fittings
Plumbing Brassware
Gate Valves
Lever Ball Valves
Stop Cocks
Hose Union Bibcocks
Service Valves
MT Cocks
Isolating Valves
Pump Valves
Line Strainers
Ball Cocks
Flexible Hoses
Washing Machine Valves
Plumbing Wastes & Traps
Pop up Wastes
Washbasin Plumbing Wastes
Bath Plumbing Wastes

Kitchen Sink Plumbing Wastes

HepVO Waste
P Traps
Universal Waste Fittings
Captive Wastes
Flush Grated Wastes
Removeable Top Wastes
Combined Sink & Washing Machine Trap
Shallow Shower or Bath Trap
Shower Trap
Pushfit Waste Fittings
Air Conditioning Units
Extractor Fans
Tumble Dryer Ventilation Kits
Plumbing Valves
Water Control Valves
Backflow Prevention Valves
Plumbing Water Treatment
Domestic Water Conditioners
Water Softeners
Water Filters
Fuel Oil Products
Pond Pumps
Booster Pumps
Water Timers
Outdoor Taps
Gas Forms
Gas Notices
Gas Heating Flues
Gas Sundries
Gas Testing Equipment
Gas Detectors & Analysers
Smokes & Dyes
Gas Test Gauges
Digital Manometers
Flexible Plugs & Air Bag Stoppers
Pressure Test Pump
Digital Multimeter / Temperature Probes
Differential Thermometers

Gas Fittings

Gas Restrictor Elbows & Tube
Gas Cocks
Mini Lever Ball Valves
Cooker Hoses & Sockets
Plumbing / Heating Tools
Pipe Cutters
Pipe Cleaning & Deburring
Pipe Expanding & Pipe Bending
Plumbers Knives
Tile Tools
Blow Torches
Soldering & Brazing
Hole Saws
Tap Re-seating Tools
Lead Melting Pots
Immersion Heater Spanners
Radiator Tools
Stopcock Keys
Misc Tools
Tape Measures
Metal & Voltage Detectors
Wrenches, Spanners & Pliers
Power Tools
Hammer Drills
Cordless Drills
Saws & Routers
Sanders & Planers
Staple & Nail Guns

Multi Tool Kits

Pipe & Drain Installation
Drain Cleaning Equipment
Drain Unblockers
Chemical Drain Unblockers
Drain Plungers
Toilet Unblockers
Electromechanical Drain Cleaners
Drain Testing
Kinetic Rams
Manhole Lifting Keys
Gulley Grabs
Drain Rods
Pipe Freezing
Plumbing Gauges
Dry Diamond Core Drilling
Building & Engineering Tools
First Aid Kits
Roofing Tools
Sheet Metal Tools
Protective Workwear Clothing
Goggles & Glasses
Dust Masks
Knee Pads
Coveralls & Suits
Plumbing Consumables
Plumbing Flux & Solder
Gas Consumables
Jointing Compounds
Plumbing Pipe Insulation
Plumbing Sealants & Cements
Washers & O Rings
Other Plumbing Consumables

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