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Our Responsibility

Our Responsibility

Our Responsibility & The Environment

At The Timber Group, we are passionate about the use of wood in the construction and building industry. As timber importers and merchants we hold a responsibility to the environment and the future of the world’s forests.

The Timber Group's commitment to the environment means that as far as possible we shall use goods from renewable raw materials to supply products that are of maximum use with minimum consumption of resources. Protecting forests, water and air is crucial to the survival and development of our business. Our responsibility to the natural environment is the same that we owe to our customers, employees and society in general.

Environmental Timber Purchasing Policy

1. Responsibility – The Company recognises a responsibility to the environment, the Company’s customers, suppliers and staff to base its commercial activities on well managed forests.

2. Legality – The Company is committed to sourcing all timber and timber products from legal sources.

3. Endangered Species – The Company will not source any timber species prohibited under Appendix 1 of the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

4. Supplier Monitoring – The Company will regularly obtain from suppliers
1. (a) Information relating to their environmental policies
2. (b) Clearest practicable information regarding the sources of raw materials used in the manufacture of the wood products.
The information received will form part of purchasing decisions and will be made available on request to interested parties.

5. Timber Certification – The Company recognises that the independent certification of forests and the process chain, is the most useful tool in providing assurances that the timber comes from legal and well-managed forests. The Company will only accept or use labels or certificates, which include environmental or sustainability claims if these are supported by publicly available standards, drawn up in a fully participatory transparent and objective manner and backed by independents inspection.

6. Avoid Boycotts – The Company will not encourage boycotts or bans on specific species of timber. Notwithstanding this, the Company will cease to purchase any timber products whose, supply is in breach of commitment 2.

7. Avoid Misleading Claims – The Company will avoid misleading or unsubstantiated environmental claims in relation to wood product suppliers.

8. Management Structure – The Company has appointed a Director to be responsible for the implementation of this policy and will ensure that environmental issues relevant to the policy are discussed regularly at the highest level of management. The Company will ensure that all employees associated with timber purchasing, are encouraged to act in accordance with this policy and are given appropriate education and training to do so if required.

9. Reporting and Audit – The Timber Group holds both FSC® (FSC- C004183) and PEFC (PEFC/16-37-137) Certification for which we are audited annually.

10. Continuous Improvement – The Company will define its own programmes, and establish its own objectives and targets, to achieve continuous improvement in environmental performance in accordance with this policy. We are proud that all our core range of timber products are either FSC ® (FSC-C004183) & PEFC (PEFC /16-37-137) Certified.

11. Recycling – The Company sends waste wood and packaging to be recycled and the Company will try to buy recycled wood products where possible.

12. UKTR (United Kingdom Timber Regulation): In accordance with the UKTR, all timber imported and placed on the UK market by TTG has been harvested legally and in full compliance with the UKTR. Our obligations to UKTR:

  • TTG keeps records of suppliers and customers for at least 5 years and will provide this information to competent authorities if requested
  • TTG gathers and records basic product information, including species and country of origin

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